Actress Passes Away After Being Hit By Two Cars On The Freeway

Investigations are in progress.

An actress in her 20’s has reportedly passed away after getting hit by two cars on the freeway.

The actress had apparently gotten off her car in the middle lane of the Incheon International Airport Expressway and was hit by a taxi and sedan one after the other. The actress is known to have appeared on a morning drama.


According to reports, the Gimpo Police are currently investigating the taxi driver (56) and the driver of the sedan (73). The two drivers hit the actress (28), who was outside of her Mercedez Benz C200 parked nearby, at around 3:50 am which led to her death.

Segye Ilbo reported that the actress’s husband, who was in the passenger’s seat, was in a hurry to use the restroom, which is why she quickly turned on the emergency lights and parked the car nearby.


The actress’s husband told the police that by the time he had returned, the accident had already occurred.

I came back to the car after using the bathroom at a nearby flowerbed and the accident had already happened.

ㅡ Actress’s husband

Source: My Daily