Actress Who Played The Mom On “Wizards Of Waverly Place” Heard “Serendipity” Playing In A Store And Couldn’t Stop Gushing Over BTS’s Jimin

ARMYs grew up watching her and now she’s joined the fandom!

Maria Canals-Barrera is most remembered as the actress who played the fussy and loving Theresa Russo on the Disney Channel original series Wizards of Waverly Place.

Since then, many of the hit show’s viewers have grown up and have played a massive role in BTS’s success in America.

Many ARMYs have been ecstatic to know that one of the actresses from their childhood TV shows has been a supporter of BTS.

When BTS performed in Los Angeles last year, she even went along with her daughter to see them.

Recently, one lucky ARMY was working when she saw Maria Canals-Barrera coming in to the store!

Knowing that Maria is a huge fan of BTS, the ARMY asked her what she thought of Jimin’s solo “Serendipity” which was playing in the store.

The actress didn’t hold back on how much she loved this song and BTS.

Oh my god, I love this song! It’s so beautiful! Jimin is so talented – well they’re all talented


The actress spoke graciously with the ARMY and talked about how astonished she was when she saw Jimin perform “Serendipity” at BTS’s concert.

When he sang this I was like [shocked expression]


She praised Jimin for being so hard-working and how it has an incredible effect on the performance he delivered.

It was perfection. It’s so well-rehearsed, every move, every note, it’s phenomenal

Since then, the ARMY has tweeted their interaction, which has gone viral.

Many ARMYs have talked about how awesome it is that someone they had grown up watching is now a huge fan of BTS.

Since then, Maria Canals-Barrera has even responded to the tweet, reiterating what she said in the video.

It’s incredible to think of how much international success and recognition BTS has achieved in their six years since debut.