Actress Sofia Wylie’s Korean Grandmother Could Not Care Less About “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series”

They were able to bond over their mutual love for something else, though…

Disney+ series High School Musical: The Musical: The Series star Sofia Wylie recently appeared on Vogue‘s “Beauty Secrets” series, focusing on skincare for combination skin.

Sofia Wylie | Vogue/YouTube

During her makeup routine, Sofia Wylie revealed how much a fan she is of K-Beauty. Her favorite brand is the clean Korean skincare brand innisfree.

I love Korean makeup and Korean skincare. I love brands like innisfree. I think they’re great.

— Sofia Wylie

| Vogue/YouTube

Wylie, who is part Korean, shared that her halmeoni (grandmother), too, loves K-Beauty. So, she gifted her some innisfree products.

I gave a bunch of their stuff to my halmeoni. That’s my grandma, she’s Korean. She was so excited.

— Sofia Wylie

| innisfree

Sofia Wylie revealed that her halmeoni was way more excited about these gifts than the fact that her granddaughter is a starring actress in a hit Disney+ series.

And that’s like the only thing she’s ever gotten excited about for me ’cause everything else… She’s like, ‘High School Musical? What is that?’

— Sofia Wylie

| Vogue/YouTube
| Disney+

Still, Wylie enjoyed having something she and her halmeoni could bond over. K-Beauty connects them.

So, it was really fun to be able to relate so something with her.

— Sofia Wylie

| Vogue/YouTube

Sofia Wylie is not only a K-Beauty lover. She’s a K-Pop fan! Read more below.

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Watch Sofia Wylie’s video with Vogue below.

Source: Vogue

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