Actress Sung Yuri’s Cosmetic Brand Revealed To Have Received A Large Investment From Park Min Young’s Ex-Boyfriend Kang Jong Hyun

Sung Yuri has previously denied knowing of Kang Jong Hyun’s relationship with her husband.

Actress Sung Yuri‘s cosmetic company, URIID, acknowledged that they had received a large investment from actress Park Min Young‘s controversial ex-boyfriend, Kang Jong Hyun.

Sung Yuri | URIID

A representative of URIID revealed in an exclusive report by news outlet OSEN that they had received an investment from the problematic figure but had returned the money after Kang Jong Hyun made the news.

We did receive an investment from a place called Bucket, but once we saw they were in the news, we returned the money.

— URIID representative

According to the news report, the URIID representative stated that despite Sung Yuri being listed as CEO, she isn’t involved in the running of the company and that she is only involved in the design and marketing aspects of the company.


The news report stated that the representative cautiously distanced the company from Kang Jong Hyun.

News of Kang Jong Hyun’s investment in Sung Yuri’s cosmetic company contradicts the actress’s previous claim that she didn’t know him. When it was revealed that a luxury car that Kang Jong Hyun drove was registered under Sung Yuri’s husband, at the time, Sung Yuri stated that she didn’t know that Kang Jong Hyun and her husband had a relationship.

I didn’t know my husband let him (Kang Jong Hyun) borrow his car. I don’t know anything about their relationship.

— Sung Yuri

Kang Jong Hyun driving a car allegedly registered under Sung Yuri’s husband | Dispatch

According to the OSEN report, allegations that Kang Jong Hyun had invested ₩3.00 billion KRW (about $2.27 million USD) into Sung Yuri’s cosmetic company were first brought up by an executive of Bucket Studio, who is currently in custody and facing embezzlement charges.

Source: OSEN