Actress Um Hyun Kyung Reveals Heechul Is A Terrible Kisser

Actress Um Hyun Kyung has revealed that Super Junior‘s Kim Heechul isn’t a great kisser, and he looked absolutely flabberghasted.

On March 16, Kim Heechul and Um Hyun Kyung starred on KBS‘s Happy Together and shared opposing stories as to how their first kiss scene together went down.

Twelve years ago, Kim Heechul and Um Hyun Kyung both starred in the popular sitcom, Rainbow Romance, where the two had to film a kiss scene despite being rookies at the time.

Kim Heechul first explained that he was very nervous and shy about the scene as it had only been a year since he debuted with Super Junior, and as an idol, he was worried about his image.

At first, he claimed he kissed Um Hyun Kyung on the chin as he was being extra cautious, but the director was not pleased. He then kissed her on her cupid’s bow, but again, the director claimed it wasn’t good enough as it was obvious the kiss wasn’t real.

Kim Heechul soon got frustrated with himself and the situation, and revealed that he started having drastic thoughts running through his mind, which left the other guests giggling.

“I looked at Hyun Kyung and then I looked at the director and started thinking, ‘Man, do I have to use my tongue in this or what?'”

— Super Junior’s Kim Heechul

However, Um Hyun Kyung begged to differ in regards to how the filming happened. According to her, she felt that Kim Heechul hadn’t kissed her on the chin and cupid’s bow on purpose; instead, he just wasn’t a very skilled kisser.

“You said you kissed me on the chin and cupid’s bow on purpose, but I don’t think that’s what it was. I think… He didn’t do it well.”

— Um Hyun Kyung

Upon hearing her blatantly honest opinion, Kim Heechul immediately exclaimed, “You think I’m not a good kisser?!” to which Um Hyun Kyung hurriedly denied while laughing.

She then further explained that Kim Heechul was probably inexperienced at the time, and that she could see how inexperienced he was based on how he had already closed his eyes before he was even close to her lips.

“He closed his eyes too early before approaching my face. So he couldn’t find my lips, and it just looked like he was trying to kiss me by his other senses. At the time, I felt frustrated because we could have done it in one go, but it kept ending in a blooper.”

— Um Hyun Kyung

She then jokingly compared what it was like to kiss Kim Heechul at the time, explaining why might have been a bad kisser at that time for this hilarious reason:

“It’s like… He was pretending to be experienced when he wasn’t.”

— Um Hyun Kyung