Actress Yoon Ji Oh Burst Into Tears When She Heard That Jang Ja Yeon’s Suicide Case Had Been Extended

She was relieved that her friend has a chance of getting justice.

Actress Yoon Ji Oh was a friend of the late Jang Ja Yeon. She was present at the trial of Mr. Cho to give testimony that the former reporter sexually assaulted Jang Ja Yeon.

In a closed-door trial at the Seoul Central District Court, Yoon Ji Oh was watching the events with Jang Ja Yeon’s legal team and was allowed to give testimony for the prosecution by the judge.

Mr. Cho allegedly sexually assaulted Jang Ja Yeon at the birthday party of her agency’s CEO which took place in a karaoke bar. Yoon Ji Oh witnessed Mr. Cho sexually harassing her friend.

After she left the courtroom, she was informed that the deadline for solving the case had been extended until May and she burst into tears, relieved that her friend might get justice after all. She held a press conference:

I cried because President Moon spoke about revealing the truth in this case and the case has been extended for two months.

– Yoon Ji Oh

She also talked about how hard the legal process has been on her, and what she spoke about in her witness testimony.

I told you exactly what I saw. It was hard to recall but I did it because they told me to describe everything in detail. It’s hard for me psychologically to be exposed in the media, but I am doing this interview so the perpetrator can see it. It would be nice if justice was implemented in Korean society and Mr. Cho paid for his crimes. If not, I hope that Mr. Cho at least has a guilty conscience.

– Yoon Ji Oh

Later on MBC’s News Desk, Yoon Ji Oh spoke about the risk to her own life that she is facing.

I’m only in the studio for a few minutes. I have to go on living afterwards. Life has been difficult and I have told the police and prosecution about this. I think it is something they need to publicize and reveal. As a witness, I can’t tell you anything.

– Yoon Ji Oh

Yoon Ji Oh is currently receiving police protection as the investigation continues, she has also opened a public account to financially support the fight for justice for Jang Ja Yeon.

Source: Naver