Adidas Under Fire After Netizens Find Examples Of The Brand Excluding Jisoo From Promotional Material

“BLACKPINK is 4 members, not 3…”

It is no secret that K-Pop Group BLACKPINK are ambassadors for the brand Adidas. During the last few years, the members have appeared in several campaigns for the brand, showcasing their rising popularity and dazzling visuals.

However, the brand is currently under fire from BLACKPINK fans after accusations of excluding Jisoo from their promotional images.

Fans recently went on social media to share images of various Adidas advertisements and voiced their anger at Jisoo being missed out on the pictures.

In particular, one user shared this image of the members in Adidas gear. Yet, aside from the group image, all members except Jisoo have their own individual shot.

After seeing the image, others shared other instances of the brand excluding Jisoo from their branding, including websites, videos, and marketing.

Many fans were also angered because Jisoo is constantly promoting the brand on her social media and in her outfits. In particular, a pair of shoes worn by Jisoo sold out in Singapore both in-store and online after she wore them.

With the issue gaining more attention, the phrase “ADIDAS RESPECT JISOO” was trending worldwide, with over 100,000 tweets from global fans sharing their opinion on the matter.

Many have expressed that they not only want an apology and explanation from Adidas, but they want something from YG Entertainment, who fans believe have not done their best to ensure each member gets equal exposure and there is no unfair treatment.

Adidas and YG Entertainment have yet to respond, but fans are hoping that they address the issue soon!