An Adorable Café For TREASURE’s TRUZ Has Just Opened In Japan With Exclusive Treats

It’s almost too cute to eat!

A limited-edition TRUZ café has just opened in Shibuya, Japan!

The boy group TREASURE created these adorable little characters in collaboration with LINE FRIENDS last year. Each character has its own personality and style that will now be presented in the form of food!

The TRUZ Character Café, in collaboration with TREASURE and global creative studio LINE FRIENDS, will operate on Omotesandō Avenue, located in Shibuya of Tokyo, Japan. Omotesandō is sometimes called ‘Tokyo’s Champs-Elysees’ due to their colorful shops and European-style cafés. It is a hot spot for high fashion and often gathers a large crowd interested in the newest trends. Here, TREASURE will open the TRUZ Café and take a step closer to their local fans.

—YG Entertainment

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The TRUZ Café will offer delicious dishes such as avocado-topped hamburgers, spaghetti and meatballs, croissant sandwiches, berry pancakes, and chocolate banana parfaits, just to name a few. Each item will be adorned with a character flag and a small card or tag.

They also offer drinks such as a cotton candy soda, a “blue soda,” and the typical coffee.

Patrons also have the opportunity to purchase limited-edition merchandise such as tote bags, keychains, buttons, mugs, and more.

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The event lasts from June 20 to July 17.

Source: TRUZ Café, News 1 and Image


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