Here Is Why aespa Is Appearing On “The Daily Show With Trevor Noah”

The reason makes sense.

Fans of aespa can look forward to the group’s upcoming appearance on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah on December 7. It’s exciting to see aespa promoted internationally, as the group has already seen massive success within its first year of debut.

Twitter threads about the news, however, show that some fans have been wondering why aespa is making an appearance in The Daily Show since the show centers mostly around political satire. Does this potentially make the group and the theme of the show an odd fit?

As other fans in the thread point out, The Daily Show is one of the biggest shows in the US, so an appearance on it can only be good for aespa. In fact, host Trevor Noah has had many artists and celebrities as guests, expanding the show’s focus beyond politics to include discussions about global culture—meaning that, actually, it might be just the perfect fit for one of the biggest acts in K-Pop.

In fact, Trevor Noah and his correspondent Dulcé Sloan previously did a great segment in which they discussed the popularity of Squid Game, with Dulcé Sloan claiming that she has been a fan of K-Dramas since she was in highschool.

While there’s no guarantee that there will be a segment about K-Pop with aespa and Dulcé Sloan, it would certainly be something fun to watch if they are given screen time together. In any case, fans are sure to love aespa’s appearance!

In the meantime, hopefully we will continue to see aespa having a good time and enjoying themselves while they promote in the US.

aespa’s Karina at Madison Square Garden | @aespa_official/Twitter
Source: Naver