Aespa Arrive At The Airport For A Secret Overseas Schedule — But Were Shocked By Who Was There

The reason is even more unexpected considering the empty airport!

Aespa recently shocked fans after arriving at Incheon Airport to travel to a secret overseas schedule… but they were caught in the most unexpected way.

The members of aespa | @aespa_official/Twitter

Over the past month, it seems like aespa has made a permanent home at the airports in Korea after being spotted multiple times traveling for overseas schedules.

Aespa at the airport on March 14 | Newsen/YouTube
Aespa at Incheon on March 24 | Newsen/YouTube
Aespa at the airport on March 31 | Newsen/YouTube        

Considering aespa’s busy schedule and landing back in Korea on April 3…

Aespa returning to Korea on April 3 | Newsen/YouTube

Fans were shocked that the members arrived at Incheon Airport for an overseas schedule the next day.

Aespa on April 4 at Incheon Airport | Newsen/YouTube
| Newsen/YouTube

With the lack of fans and press, many assumed that SM Entertainment didn’t want anyone to know about the schedule, which is why the airport was empty. Yet, the media outlet Newsen was there to capture the whole departure.

| Newsen/YouTube
| Newsen/YouTube

It also meant that compared to the members’ usual looks, they were dressed a lot more casually and as if they didn’t expect anyone to be there to take photos.

Aespa’s Karina
Aespa’s Winter
Aespa’s NingNing
Aespa’s Giselle

While it was seemingly a private schedule, it wasn’t surprising that fans seemed angry at Newsen for their coverage… until the outlet posted the video with a hilarious title. According to the video, Newsen was at the airport (as it’s the hot spot for celebrities when traveling), and they accidentally bumped into the group.

Aespa, A Coincidental Meeting With Kwangya’s Daughters, ‘LOL’.

The title of the article and video from Newsen about seeing aespa | Newsen

Of course, after realizing that Newsen had just coincidentally caught the girls unexpectedly rather than their location being leaked, netizens found the whole situation hilarious. The members were dressed much more casually and wouldn’t have expected any fans, but they were okay to greet the media who just happened to be there.

It is common for news outlets to stay posted at airports if they assume or predict that an idol or celebrity might have an overseas schedule. Considering both aespa and the managers’ reactions, they didn’t expect to see Newsen waiting, and it was probably a shock for the journalists as well.

Source: Newsen


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