Aespa’s Coachella 2022 Debut Proves They Have The Best Stage Presence

“Not people leaving after aespa was done!”

Aespa‘s Coachella debut on April 23 proved that this “monster rookie group” truly has the best stage presence. Despite this being aespa’s first time performing in front of such a large audience, the members all absolutely killed it. Their performance drew in a huge crowd and had everyone cheering, leaving fans incredibly proud!

| /SM Entertainment

Fans who were in the audience described how, before aespa began their performance, the audience was in need of a little hyping up. Luckily, aespa came onstage and quickly had people gathering and cheering for them.

Fan-taken videos show that aespa had people excited from the moment they opened with their song “aenergy.”

And the group’s energy kept going strong right up until the final song on their setlist, “Next Level.”

An Instagram story posted by fellow SM Entertainment artist Raiden shows just how big the audience that gathered was by the time “Next Level” ended…

…proving that even non-fans had been drawn in to enjoy aespa’s performance! The members all gave their everything…

…and the impressive stage they delivered has left fans feeling more than proud of them. After all, it’s no small achievement to perform on the main stage at Coachella—let alone when it’s the first time they’re performing in front of a large crowd in the first place.

| Ivan Meneses/R&CPMK

Ever since they debuted, aespa have consistently gone beyond expectations, and their Coachella debut is only another example of how the group continues to outdo themselves and prove they really are some of the true leaders of their generation.

Even to the point where they were considered one of the main highlights of the weekend’s event!

Main stage performers aespa have undeniably proven they’ve got the talent and the stage presence to be one of the highlights of one of the biggest music festivals in the world. Congratulations to aespa on their successful Coachella debut!