Which Is aespa’s Most Difficult Choreography? The Members Have An Obvious Pick

What’s your guess?

The members of aespa sat down for an interview with ELLE following their appearance at the 2023 Governors Ball Music Festival.

They expounded on a variety of topics ranging from their favorite songs to the title track they find the hardest to dance to. Regarding the latter, the members had many choices considering their diverse list of intense choreographies including “Black Mamba”…

…”Next Level”…

…”Girls,” and more.

It wasn’t any of these, however, that took the top spot in their ranking of difficulty. Rather, according to Karina, it was their title track “Savage” (2021) that had the most complicated choreography.

I personally think ‘Savage’ was the most difficult thing to learn.

— Karina

She chose it due to the intricacy of movements required from start to finish. From the way they moved their fingertips to the angles of their feet, everything had to be precise.

It was difficult to learn at first because there is a lot of small and fast but detailed dance movements.

— Karina

Thankfully, she was able to memorize the dance and even add her own unique style to it.

The more I practiced, the more I got to learn about the beats and learn which dance style fits best on my body.

— Karina

This isn’t the first time aespa commented on the difficulty level of “Savage.” Despite their already commendable dance skills, they were open about how it took them up to three months to perfect the choreography.

In general, I think we are all pretty fast at learning choreographies. But I’d have to say the choreography for ‘Savage’ is a little more difficult, so it took us more time to become comfortable with it compared to previous choreographies. Also, because it is important to bring out that ‘Savage’ vibe in the choreography, we paid particular attention to bringing it out in our dance moves…it took us about 2-3 months to perfect the choreography for ‘Savage.’

— Winter

Check it out below!

Source: ELLE