Here’s How aespa Really Feels About Being Nicknamed “Monster Rookies”

Is “Rookie of the Year” on the horizon?

When aespa debuted in November 2020, no one could have predicted the wildly successful rookie year that would follow. Consequently, the group has earned nicknames such as “Monster Rookie” and “Global Superstar Rookie.” While these titles are an honor, how do the members of aespa feel about such honors?

aespa | aespa/Facebook

During a recent interview, the girls discussed not only their lofty titles but also their nerves about debuting and their aspirations for ending their rookie year well.

aespa | aespa/Facebook

Aespa began their review of their rookie year by discussing the feedback they received for their debut MV, “Black Mamba.” Winter revealed that the group was initially concerned about their debut.

Actually, when we debuted with ‘Black Mamba’, we were worried a lot about what people would think. We were worried if we might not be able to fulfill the high expectation they have of us.

–– Winter

This fear was squashed when the group saw the public’s reaction to the song. “However, lots of people loved and supported us more than we expected,” Winter explained, “So we were very grateful and appreciated their support.”

aespa | aespa/Facebook

With this support came the nicknames of “Monster Rookie” and “Global Super Rookie.” Karina explained that these names are an honor for the group, but they are ready to move past their rookie year. “We would like to move forward and take the next step,” she shared.

aespa | aespa/Facebook

Karina added that the group already has plans to work on expanding themselves past these titles.

We’ll try harder to make it possible and we’ll do our best to meet the expectations so everyone please give us new nicknames. Thank you a lot.

–– Karina

To end the discussion of their first year, the group was asked about their hopes for a potential “Rookie of the Year” award. Ningning humbly answered that they’d be so happy to receive such an award and that “we’ll try our best.”