Aespa Becomes First SM Group In 14 Years To Make A Win With A Debut Song After Girls’ Generation

Congrats to aespa!

In just two months since debut, girl group aespa has made their first music show win with “Black Mamba.”

They are now the fourth SM Entertainment group to make a win on a music show with their debut song!

S.E.S “I’m Your Girl” on Show! Music Tank (1998)

| SM Entertainment

TVXQ “Hug” on Inkigayo (2004)

Girls’ Generation “Into The New World” on M Countdown (2007)

| SM Entertainment

aespa “Black Mamba” on Inkigayo (2021)

| SM Entertainment

Looks like whatever Karina wants, Karina gets!

Previously, she wished to make a win in 2021…

| screenshot by @yizhone/Twitter

…and that’s exactly what they got!

This now makes them the first SM idol group to win on a music show with their debut song since Girls’ Generation 14 years ago!

Fans were so excited for their win that the hashtag #BlackMamba1stWin began trending on Twitter.

Congrats to the girls for their first win!

Source: theqoo