Netizens Are Praising aespa For Their Reaction To A Fan Fainting During Their Rehearsal

They were in the middle of their rehearsal.

K-Pop girl group aespa has made a comeback with Girls, and fans already can’t get enough of the powerful title track.

Giselle, Karina, Winter, and NingNing | @aespa_official/Twitter

As part of their promotions, aespa is currently in the United States, where they held a showcase for fans, spoke at the United Nations, and became the first K-Pop girl group to open for the Good Morning America Summer Concert Series 2022.

| @GMA/Twitter

Fans loved everything about aespa’s performance, especially their vocals and powerful dancing.

But many netizens were also impressed by aespa’s reaction to a fan allegedly fainting in the audience. Fan-taken videos during aespa’s rehearsal show the members’ concerned reactions as someone faints.

Despite just starting a song, Giselle and Winter seemed to notice immediately and stopped their rehearsal to help.

Winter, Giselle, NingNing, and Karina | @aesleven/Twitter 

Giselle first got the staff’s attention to inform them of the problem.

Giselle talking to a staff member | @uniqot5/Twitter 

And Winter also ensured the staff could find the person who needed help.

Winter pointing out the fan | @uniqot5/Twitter 

The members looked genuinely concerned as they stopped their rehearsal to make sure that the fan was looked after.

| @aespastunning/Twitter 

Netizens are understandably praising aespa’s care towards their fans.

You can watch “Girls” here.

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