Aespa’s Giselle Uploads Sexy Bikini Selfies On Instagram And Jaws Are Dropping


Aespa’s Giselle just blew everyone’s minds with sexy selfies she uploaded to her personal Instagram page! She looked effortlessly gorgeous, and fans had a lot to say about it.

Aespa’s Giselle | @aerichandesu/Instagram

The pictures were taken following the group’s recent performance at the 2023 Seen Festival in Hội An alongside other famous K-Pop artists such as Hyo, Taeyang, BoA, and more.

| @seenfestival_official/Instagram

On June 19, the “Spicy” singer gave people a glimpse into how she spent her downtime following the concert. Thanking fans, she captioned the post, “vietnam 🖤 Cảm ơn.”

| @aerichandesu/Instagram

She posed by the pool at night…

| @aerichandesu/Instagram

…and on the balcony of her hotel room overlooking the beach.

| @aerichandesu/Instagram

But it was two photos in particular that caught fans’ attention! In them, she confidently rocked a two piece bikini, showing off her toned body and slim waist.

| @aerichandesu/Instagram

Her slightly tousled hair and light makeup added to laidback, casual vibe of the day. She looked stunning, no doubt about it!

| @aerichandesu/Instagram

Fans also felt the same way. They expressed their shock and admiration online, crying out, “GISELLE WHAT,” “MOTHER,” “MISS GISELLE,” and more.

Other fans joked that they “can’t breathe” and “died” after seeing the photos. Clearly, Giselle is leaving many people in awe with her beauty!

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