Aespa’s Giselle Goes Viral For The Unexpected Way She Hid Winter’s Birthday Headband Onstage

Perhaps it was the only place she could hide it.

The members of aespa showed off their extremely wholesome friendship at the 2022 MBC Gayo Daejejeon, making sure to celebrate Winter‘s birthday in the sweetest way possible.

Aespa’s Winter | @aespa_official/Twitter

The members of aespa are often praised for their impressive talent and unmatched visuals, but their friendship is something that MYs can never get enough of. While aespa easily made it onto the best-dressed list at 2022 MBC Gayo Daejejeon, the wholesome interactions among the members took the spotlight.


The event took place on December 31, 2022. Winter turned 22 years old on January 1, 2023—and although they were onstage at the moment it turned midnight, her members still made sure to celebrate her birthday.

NingNing warmed hearts with her enthusiastic birthday congratulations to Winter the second it turned midnight…

…but it’s Giselle who is going viral.

Aespa’s Giselle | @aespa_official/Twitter

Naturally, Winter had to be properly celebrated as the birthday girl, and a cute birthday headband was therefore clearly necessary. Making good use of her wide skirt, Giselle concealed the headband beneath it.

Aespa at the “2022 MBC Gayo Daejejeon” | ODS/YouTube

She made fans laugh (and feel touched) when she hilariously revealed it from the unexpected hiding place, still keeping it secret from an unsuspecting Winter.

She held onto it while the members stood onstage among the other K-Pop groups at the event. She then brought it out once again when the countdown to midnight began. As soon as it turned midnight, she placed the headband on Winter’s head as all the members warmly congratulated Winter for her birthday.

Aespa at the “2022 MBC Gayo Daejejeon” | ODS/YouTube

Giselle’s creativity really paid off, as the group made sure to give Winter a special birthday even while still being technically at work!

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