Aespa’s Giselle Impresses Netizens With Her Multilingual Skills While Teaching Karina Spanish Phrases

In one vlog, the talented aespa member uses five languages.

aespa released their newest æconic vlog, which featured members Giselle and Karina as they filmed dance challenges with fellow idols Jeon Somi and global group XG.

(From left:) aespa’s NingNing, Giselle, Karina, and Winter | @smtown/Instagram
Jeon Somi | @somsomi0309/Instagram
(Top row, from left:) XG’s Harvey, Maya, and Juria (Bottom row, from left:) Hinata, Chisa, Jurin, and Cocona | @xgofficial/Instagram

During the vlog, Karina recounted to Giselle how she ran into the Japanese global girl group XG while she was at Disneyland.

The aespa member approached the group, both recognizing each other, and they planned to film a TikTok together the next day.

As Karina shared about her encounter, Giselle remarked that she “really needs” a Japanese friend, wanting to use Japanese more.

She hilariously shared that even though the XG members are Japanese, their Korean is so good that they “can’t help” but speak Korean together.

Karina jokingly told Giselle to speak Korean with the XG members when they film together later that day before realizing she might be able to understand some of their Japanese conversations.

Giselle encouraged her, telling Karina that’s how she’ll learn, and Karina revealed she hopes to live abroad “for a little bit” to immerse herself in another language, naming Spain as the country she wants to live in.

Karina explained that she chose Spain because she met many Spanish-speaking fans overseas. When Karina revealed she didn’t speak any Spanish, Giselle gave her a brief rundown of introductory phrases.

Giselle taught her how to say “Hello,” “How are you?” and “Good, and you?” in Spanish and earned attention from netizens who were impressed with the way she explained the meaning of “como estas.

To translate, Giselle used “Ni hao ma” in Mandarin Chinese to explain the meaning of “Como estas,” flexing her multiple language skills. In the vlog, Giselle used English while speaking with Jeon Somi, Japanese while speaking with XG’s Juria and Chisa, and bits of Spanish and Mandarin Chinese while speaking with Karina, along with fluent Korean throughout the video.

Netizens praised Giselle’s multilingual skills and her unique language lesson with Karina.

Netizens complimented the talented aespa member in the comment section of the vlog as well, with Spanish-speaking MYs praising her Spanish pronunciation.

| aespa/YouTube
  • @RuxCruz: “Her pronunciation in Spanish is very good.
  • @isasha5363: “I’m really impressed with Giselle’s linguistic abilities!! She speaks Spanish really well!! A language prodigy ahahah
  • @xtartis: “[Giselle] speaks Spanish really well. She has excellent pronunciation.

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