Aespa’s Giselle Has The LGBTQ+ Community Cheering With Her “Lesbian Flag” Hair Color

“That’s just the lesbian flag you can’t tell me otherwise Giselle.”

For their recent “Spicy” stage on Inkigayoaespa‘s members were given bright, bold, colorful looks that have fans raving, and understandably so.

Karina was drawing a lot of the attention herself due to her anime-like appearance with bright pink and purple hair and other colorful aspects of her styling, but Giselle has a certain community’s attention due to her styling too!

(From left to right) Giselle, Karina, NingNing, & Winter of aespa

Giselle also had colorful additions to her hair in the form of multi-colored extensions, and it was the colors used in her hair in the order that they’re in that has fans excited over her stylist’s choice.

Giselle (aespa)

The colors have an uncanny resemblance to the stripes on the lesbian pride flag!

The lesbian pride flag

According to Case Western Reserve University, “In [the lesbian flag’s] current iteration, the shades of red and orange represent gender nonconformity, independence, and community; the white stripe represents a unique relationship to womanhood; and the shades of pink represent serenity and peace, love and sex, and femininity”.

While the colors chosen for Giselle’s hair extensions for this stage could have been entirely coincidental, fans are taking to social media to share their excitement and amazement of the matter!

These are just a few of the many, many tweets from aespa fans about Giselle’s extensions!


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