Aespa’s Giselle Shocks With Her Dance Talent In Recent Social Media Update

“Giselle literally ate and left no crumbs.”

Aespa‘s Giselle is taking the internet by storm as she shows off her visuals and her impressive talent in a recent social media update.

Giselle | @aespa_official/Instagram

Giselle and her members are never far from the spotlight. From their viral performance at Coachella to becoming the main attraction at the Givenchy show in this year’s Paris Fashion Week, aespa have more than proven their icon status in their two years since their debut.

Recently, Giselle gained attention in a major way as aespa made an appearance at an Acqua Di Parma event on November 18.

She left everyone stunned with the looks she served in a little black dress, leaving no space for doubts that she is a true visual.

Now, she is reminding everyone that she not only has the visual and rapper parts down, but that she is also an innate dancer. In a Bubble update on November 21, she teased MYs by sending a short clip of a choreography she had covered.

The clip made fans proud…

…but it wasn’t the only thing Giselle had up her sleeve. On November 22, she surprised them with a full-length video of her dance, leaving everyone shocked at her sheer talent. In fact, some MYs commented that it seems like SM Entertainment has been “gatekeeping” her dance skills!

Giselle may not hold the position of main dancer, but the way she nailed the choreography proves she deserves it.

The members of aespa have all demonstrated time and again that they are each an all-rounder, and Giselle is far from the exception!