Aespa’s Giselle And Somi Dish On Their “Ideal Types” To Each Other

Do you fit their ideal types?

One of K-Pop’s favorite friendships is between aespa‘s Giselle and solo artist Somi.

aespa’s Giselle (left) and Somi (right).

Because of their similar personalities, fans have enjoyed all of their interaction, including going viral for their friendship dates and the many hilarious yet sweet moments between them.

Fans were excited to see Somi appear in the latest GiGi-log, where the two had some gym time together before heading to Somi’s house.

In addition to making drinks together, the pair sat down to answer questions that fans have been wondering about for a while, including their ideal types.

When the question popped up, Giselle jokingly said, “this is what you guys want, right?”

Somi asks Giselle if it is hard for her to talk about her ideal type, and Giselle says that aespa just haven’t been asked the question yet.

Giselle continues by saying she has an “obsession with taking care of her friends” and needs someone to take good care of and respect.

Somi says her own ideal type is actor Seol Kyung Gu, someone she considers her uncle.

Professional idol Somi then explains to Giselle that instead of saying traits she likes, she should come up with someone specific, so she doesn’t get quizzed by those who ask the question!

Both seem to feel like “someone cool” would fit into their ideal types!

You can check out the full vlog below.