Aespa Got Acupuncture Together While Preparing For “Black Mamba” — Here’s Why

They worked so hard for their debut!

Aespa made waves with their debut “Black Mamba,” and the choreography for that song is one of many reasons why. The group recently appeared on MMTG where they discussed their first mini album, Savage, as well as some viral moments in their career so far.

Giselle, Winter, Karina, and Ningning. | @aespa_official/Twitter

When Jaejae asked the members about the dance for “Black Mamba,” they revealed just how physically tiring it was — all with smiles on their faces, though!

Jaejae (left) with aespa. | @happy_jae_jae/Instagram

The legendary drop move in the chorus is definitely not easy, but Karina explained that instead of dropping down, it’s getting back up that’s more tiring.

The choreography for “Black Mamba.” | MMTG/YouTube 

Giselle then said that their necks ended up hurting because of the choreography! Aespa’s choreography uses their necks a lot, like this part where the members all spin their head around.

| MMTG/YouTube 

According to Ningning, it got to a point where the group ended up going to the hospital together!

Ningning: When we were preparing for “Black Mamba,” didn’t we all go to the hospital?

Karina: Yeah, for acupuncture!

| MMTG/YouTube 

The group broke out into laughter when recalling that story. Giselle said that they were all in a room together, though there were dividers, so you could hear all the members’ reactions to the physical therapy.

There was the four of us in the same room with only curtains between us. It’s a bit scary, you know? Everyone’s just making sounds from wherever they are.

— Giselle

| MMTG/YouTube 

Fortunately, the acupuncture did work for the group! According to Karina, it got better “at once” after getting the treatment. Check out the full video below!

Source: YouTube, Twitter and Instagram