Aespa’s New Japanese Hairstyles Are So Cute, Netizens Can’t Get Enough

Which is your favorite?

SM Entertainment girl group aespa recently held their first showcase in Japan, and it was a huge success. One aspect about it caught the attention of netizens and instantly made them a hot topic online—their insanely adorable hairstyles, of course!

In no particular order, check out how cute each member looked that night below.

1. Giselle

Giselle stepped out on stage wearing her long, luscious hair in two pigtails. It’s the classic hairstyle of many female anime characters, so it’s no wonder people are comparing her to them.

They also showered her with compliments, saying she “looks cute.” They’re absolutely right!

2. Winter

Next, Winter also opted to wear pigtails with loops.

It’s an easy way to elevate a look.

Fans agreed that Winter is “the cutest girl ever.”

They also pointed out that she was a favorite in Japan, and it’s easy to see why!

3. Ningning

Ningning’s hair transformation was one of the most drastic in the group.

She looked like a princess with blonde hair and bangs.

When she tied half of it, her beauty shone even brighter. She was breathtaking!

Fans couldn’t get enough of it, so here’s to hoping she tries out the hairstyle again.

4. Karina

Last but certainly not the least, Karina looked gorgeous in twin braids.

She switched things up by tying them…

…going for one instead of two…

…and simply letting her hair down.

No matter which style she went with, she looked amazing, and fans are clearly thinking the same thing.

It’s true—how is someone this beautiful even real? Only Karina!

The Japanese showcase may be over, but aespa fans will surely remember this legendary day for a long time to come.

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Source: Instiz