aespa’s Karina Reveals That She Almost Debuted With Another Stage Name

The Karina we know today might have debuted with a different name entirely!

Aespa‘s Karina recently revealed that she might have debuted with a completely different name entirely!

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aespa recently released a behind-the-scenes of the jacket photoshoot for “Black Mamba”, where they entranced fans with their various charms!

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Winter and Karina were shooting a self-cam segment, where they started talking about stage names! Karina then revealed that she actually had another stage name as a possible contender for her debut!

Actually, I had another one. There were two.


Karina then talked about her other stage name, revealing it to be “Baekseol” (“Snow White”)! After revealing the name, she then teased Winter for her fair skin, connecting it to her almost-stage name, and the two burst out laughing!

I almost became “Baekseol” [Snow White]. Since she’s so white, like Snow White…


Whether she’s Karina or “Baekseol”, either way, fans would love her anyway!

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Watch Karina talk about her stage name here, from the 11:39 mark onwards!