Aespa’s Karina “Apologizes” To ITZY’s Yeji For The Most Unexpected Reason

Don’t worry Karina, we all do it!

Aespa‘s Karina has made netizens LOL after her unexpected reason for apologizing to her bestie ITZY‘s Yeji.

Aespa’s Karina | @katarinabluu/Instagram
ITZY’s Yeji | 

Between Karina and Yeji, their talent is unlimited as they excel in so many parts of K-Pop.


With so much talent between them, it seems unfair that Yeji and Karina are actually besties… from talent, visuals, and charisma, it’s a lethal duo.

On November 13, Karina and NingNing appeared on MBC’s FM4U Kim Shin Young’s Noon Song of Hope.

During the interview, the host asked if they were close with any other idols, to which Karina revealed that she is close friends with ITZY members Yeji and Ryujin. When asked to send a video message to the idols, Karina actually sent an apology to Yeji.

Yeji, I’m sorry that I’m bad at replying to messages. Please don’t be upset. I’m bad a replying to everyone’s messages.

— Karina

While Karina apologized to Yeji for not staying in touch, it seems like the aespa idol hasn’t been completely MIA with ITZY. She then added that she had met Ryujin a few days ago, adding that next time it happens, Yeji should also come along with them.

And to Ryujin, we met a few days ago, right? Next time please bring Yeji.

— Karina

As a fellow idol, Yeji will undoubtedly understand Karina’s busy schedule and being unable to answer texts. Hopefully, it’s not long before the two reunite.

Source: ujiminphoria