Aespa Karina’s Showcases Her “Doll-Like” Visuals At The Bottega Veneta Event, Proving Her Influence Amongst Korean Media

It seems unfair to be that beautiful!

Aespa has continuously seen their popularity and influence grow since they debuted in 2020. The members have performed across the world and appeared at huge designer events in various cities.

The members of aespa | @aespa_official/Instagram

In particular, Karina has always gained attention for her dazzling visuals, whether she is performing on a global stage at Coachella, making an appearance at Paris Fashion Week, or brand events in Korea.

Aespa’s Karina at Coachella

Karina at Paris Fashion Week

On March 9 (KST), Karina attended an event in Korea for the brand Bottega Venetta.

Walking to the area at the event where the press was taking photos, Karina looked like a combination of an idol, a model, and a character straight out of a K-Drama. Dressed in a simply designed brown dress, Karina glided across the floor.

When arriving at the area for the press, Karina looked effortlessly elegant.

Many were even more shocked after seeing the idol’s professionalism while having her photos taken. Despite the huge number of cameras and flashes, Karina seemed composed and continued flaunting her visuals.

As expected, along with the videos from the event, the media ensured to take photos of Karina. Whether she was purposefully posing for pictures at the designated area…

Or as she was walking around the event.

Of course, although Karina shined in the media photos, it was those taken by fans that really stood out.

| @just_0411/Twitter

| @just_0411/Twitter

| @just_0411/Twitter

| @krn_blue/Twitter

Even the videos looked more dazzling as the idol greeted the fansites who had waited for her.

If her visuals weren’t enough, one netizen shared Karina’s sheer influence at the event. Once the Bottega show had finished, the netizen shared a video of the Korean media platform Naver.

As they were scrolling, there seemed to be an infinite number of articles about the idol. Even though they’re from different platforms and the netizen could’ve searched Karina’s name, the number of articles for one idol at one event showcases her influence.

She even made it to the front page of Naver’s Entertainment page, alongside stars like Jeon So Min, Lee Jong Suk, and Hyeri.

As always, Karina will always gain attention for her visuals and aura at huge events. Whether her features are being compared to a doll or her visuals to a supermodel, Karina never fails to be the main event.

Source: Newsen