Aespa’s Karina Has One Country She Wants To Relocate To—Her Answer Surprises Even Giselle

What’s your guess?

As one of the most successful K-Pop groups at present, aespa has traveled all over the world. They have been to numerous continents such as North and South America, Europe, and Asia.

aespa | @aespa_official/Instagram

Out of all of these nations and more, there is one place that Karina wants to relocate to. She revealed this right away after Giselle brought up the topic.

If you were to live abroad right at this moment…let’s say you could go now to learn the language there, where would you want to go?

— Giselle

Karina did not wait a single second to reply: “Spain.”

Her lack of hesitation surprised the other member. Though they are best friends who spend countless hours in each other’s presence, this was not something she anticipated.

Spain? That was unexpected. That sounds fun.

— Giselle

Part of this could be rooted in the fact that aespa has yet to hold a concert in Spain. It turned out that Karina’s interest in the country was sprouted simply by meeting several Spanish acquaintances from other nations.

I meet many people speaking Spanish whenever I go abroad.

— Karina

As of now, the aespa dancer still does not know any Spanish. This is why she’s eager to live there for a period of time in order to truly immerse herself in their culture, way of living, and of course, way of speaking.

| Jorge Fernández Salas/Unsplash

For now, Giselle was all too happy to give her a teaser lesson!

Check out the full video below to learn more about aespa.

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