Aespa’s Karina Shocks Netizens With Her Doll-Like Visuals In Unedited Photos From A Recent YSL Event

“Her face is so small…”

Aespa‘s Karina seems to make headlines wherever she goes, gaining attention for her amazing visuals and unreal proportions.

Since debuting, it seems like Karina never fails to go viral for her dazzling good looks! Whether it’s at an event or just taking selfies, Karina is a true visual in K-Pop.

Aespa’s Karina | @aespa_official/Twitter
| @aespa_official/Twitter

Even when she’s on stage, Karina has an unreal presence about her that just makes everyone turn their attention to her, even in a crowded area.


On January 18 (KST), Karina and the rest of aespa attended a special event for Yves Saint Laurent in Seoul. As expected, the media took some flawless images of Karina, and with her small face and elegant features, she could easily pass for a doll.

If the media pictures weren’t enough to showcase Karina’s visuals, photos taken by fans at the event show just how naturally beautiful the idol is. In the pictures, Karina’s face and features look so delicate that she could easily pass as a porcelain doll.

| @Prinzessin143/Twitter
| @Prinzessin143/Twitter

Dressed in a simple black dress, Karina’s visuals were allowed to shine and make her stand out, even with the more neutral colors.

| @karinter0104/Twitter
| @karinter0104/Twitter
| @Prinzessin143/Twitter

Even in the preview images from fans, Karina looks like a character from a fairytale story…

| @dia_0411/Twitter
| @estetico_0411/Twitter
| @estetico_0411/Twitter

Even in videos, Karina looks like a true model as she showcases class, grace, and elegance.

When content from the event was posted, netizens couldn’t hide their shock at just how beautiful Karina was in both the edited media photos and those taken by fans during the event.

Wherever Karina goes, she always cements herself as the “Main Event” along with the other members of the group. Aespa might have only debuted a few years ago, but they continue to prove how legendary they truly are.

Source: theqoo


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