Aespa Fans Criticize Karina’s Stylist Due To Multiple Wardrobe Malfunctions

Some of them could be dangerous.

No matter how careful K-Pop stylists are, it seems to be impossible to prevent any wardrobe malfunctions from happening during performances, especially for dance-intensive artists.

Fortunately these kinds of issues aren’t too serious and can just be laughed off later on, but when it happens repeatedly to one idol and some of the malfunctions are more serious, then it becomes a problem.

Recently, K-Pop fans brought up a concern they have regarding the outfits that aespa‘s Karina has worn for performances that have ended up tearing, breaking, or otherwise being unsafe for her to wear.

Karina (aespa), wearing a top with a strap that’s barely hanging on

Multiple times she’s been dressed in tops with tiny straps that have either almost broken off, or have broken completely.

The strap on Karina’s top completely snapped here

One time, the entire bottom of a boot that Karina was wearing became unconnected to the base of the shoe, which could have led to serious injury.

Perhaps most concerning, fans once even caught the aespa member dressed in an outfit that still had sewing needles embedded in the fabric.

There seems to also have been a time where Karina was intentionally given shoes with different size heels to wear, which is unsafe to begin with, especially for such an intense dancer like her.

Aespa fans are understandably upset and furious over these multiple instances of Karina dealing with wardrobe issues.

We hope that this is a trend that doesn’t continue for the sake of Karina’s safety.

Source: The Qoo and Pann Choa