Aespa’s Karina Picks Her Favorite Members Of IVE, NewJeans, LE SSERAFIM, And NMIXX

Chaewon isn’t the only 4th-generation idol that Karina adores.

As one of K-Pop’s most popular fourth-generation girl groups, SM Entertainment‘s aespa is loved by many.

Giselle, Winter, Karina, and NingNing.

So fans were curious about the female idols aespa were fans of. During a video call, one MY asked Karina to name her favorite NewJeans, NMIXX, IVE, and LE SSERAFIM members.

When the fan showed a picture of Starship Entertainment‘s group IVE, Karina chose leader Ahn Yujin.

HYBE‘s newest group NewJeans was the next photo shown. Karina chose the Vietnamese idol Hanni as her favorite.

The fan followed up the photo with one of NewJeans’ senior group. When seeing LE SSERAFIM, Karina chose their leader Kim Chaewon.

The last group the fan could show within the time limit was JYP Entertainment‘s group NMIXX. Karina picked Sullyoon as her favorite member.

Since Karina is already close with Kim Chaewon and possibly Sullyoon, she may be closer to her faves than everyone thinks.

Source: Twitter