For The First Time Since aespa’s Debut, Karina Is Spotted With Light-Colored Hair

The question is, is it a wig or not? 👀

Since aespa first debuted, Karina has nearly always had black hair, and if it wasn’t totally black, it was some other dark, cool-toned color like blue or purple.

Karina (aespa) | SBS

While she did have blonde hair very briefly during the group’s pre-debut days, few pictures were taken during that time, making light-haired Karina a rare sight.

Karina & NingNing (aespa) | Instiz

Each of the other members of the group have had drastically different hair colors — such as NingNing‘s bright red or Winter and Giselle‘s blonde — but Karina hasn’t yet had her turn to rock any kind of light shade.

Winter (aespa) | SBS
NingNing (aespa) | SM Entertainment
Giselle (aespa) | SM Entertainment

However, it seems like that might finally change after some photos were captured while the girls appear to be filming for some kind of project while they’re in Los Angeles!

Though the pictures aren’t in great quality, it’s clear to see that Karina has lighter-colored hair than usual, appearing to be some kind of pink.

aespa | Instiz

Meanwhile, each of the other members of aespa seem to have black hair, making Karina really stand out as the only one with light-colored locks for once!

| Instiz

It’s unknown just what aespa is working on at the moment — whatever project they’re filming has been kept pretty quiet — but it seems like we’ll get to see light-haired Karina before too much longer!

Source: Instiz