aespa’s Karina Gives First Glimpse At Her Dance Skills In Alluring Performance With EXO’s Kai

Kai and Karina’s chemistry was amazing!

It was recently announced that EXO‘s Kai would be teaming up with Hyundai for a special “Beyond DRIVE” dramatized dance performance, but fans were shocked today to see a member of SM Entertainment‘s new girl group dancing alongside him. Alongside showing off great labelmate chemistry with Kai, aespa‘s Karina gave fans the first taste of her dance skills since she performed “Want” with SHINee‘s Taemin.

Who better to help Karina show off her dancing ability than one of SM Entertainment’s best dancers in history? Shortly after Kai’s incredible solo performance, the aespa member joined him on stage for her own display of talent.

First, Karina showed off how clean and sharp her moves can be.

Even when the choreography got faster and more complex, Karina’s dancing was just as slick.

But that’s not all she can do. Karina soon began to transition into a smoother, more fluid dance style.

When Kai joined her for a “couple” performance, Karina matched the veteran main dancer’s pace incredibly well for a pre-debut rookie.

The two played off each other perfectly, as if they’d been dancing together for years.

And Karina’s facial expressions were on point when she played the part of Kai’s romantic interest in the “dramatized” performance.

All in all, the Hyundai clip couldn’t have been a better display of Karina’s talents for her first performance since being revealed as a member of aespa.

The last time fans saw her dance in an official capacity was when she joined SHINee‘s Taemin for “Want” back in February 2019.

Unsurprisingly, aespa fans were enamored with Karina’s talents. No wonder SM Entertainment trusted her to dance alongside her legendary sunbaenims.

Bagging an endorsement role before debut is no easy feat, but Karina did a perfect job.

Source: HyundaiWorldwide (YouTube)