Korean Model Spills About Meeting aespa’s Karina On The Set Of Their Music Video

She met the members on the set for “Thirsty”.

A Korean high school student who’s also a YouTuber and model, Queenie, received the chance to appear in aespa‘s “Thirsty” music video. Not only did she work beside the members for multiple scenes, but she also shared the experience of meeting them—including seeing Karina up close.

aespa’s Karina and Queenie. | @limqueen/Instagram

Since all four members are known for being beautiful, Queenie proved they were just as stunning in person. Queenie gushed about Karina, “She is so gorgeous. She’s unreal. She’s so pretty.

And while the three other members were busy filming their scenes, Queenie got a chance to politely approach Karina and ask for a photo. The idol kindly agreed. She then said something that touched Queenie’s heart.

When Queenie thanked Karina for being kind enough to take a photo with her, Karina also thanked her.

I was like, ‘Thank you, it’s such an honor.’ And she was like, ‘Thank you for helping us.’ And listening to that made me [feel] like she’s so nice, you know? It was just so sweet of her to say that.

— Queenie

She was also surprised by Karina’s height. Queenie added, “She was taller than I expected.

Although the aespa members worked long hours filming their scenes and doing photo sessions, Karina didn’t forget to thank everyone who helped them along the way.

| @limqueen/Instagram

Listen to Queenie’s sweet words about Karina, along with her appearance in the music video.


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