Aespa’s Karina Lives Every Fan’s Dream And Gets Noticed By Her Favorite Singer, Lee Hi

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Aespa‘s Karina is living the dream as a longtime fan of singer Lee Hi!

Karina from aespa. | @aespa_official/Twitter

Karina often talks about Lee Hi’s music and recommends her releases to fans whenever she gets the chance. In October 2021, Karina said that Lee Hi was her current favorite singer!

Karina has also spoken about how listening to Lee Hi’s music helps comfort her whenever she’s having a bad day.

Q: What song do you want to listen to when you want to get excited, and when you feel depressed?

Karina: When I want to get excited, I listen to “Love Affair” by UMI! When I’m depressed, I want to listen to Lee Hi’s songs. I like her songs “Savior” and “Only.”

| Vivi Magazine via @LeeHiNation/Twitter

She’s also done covers of Lee Hi’s songs on radio shows in the past, proving she’s a huge fan of her.

Karina recently did a cover of “Only” during a video call fansign event, a song that fans have often asked her to sing. This time, Lee Hi herself saw Karina’s cover and posted it on her own Instagram story praising her!

According to fans online, Karina sent out messages about Lee Hi’s response to her cover, and couldn’t hide her disbelief!

| Twitter

Fans are super happy to see Karina get noticed by Lee Hi, and hopefully we can see the two interact more in the future and even work together! Check out the full clip of Karina covering “Only” below!

Source: Twitter and Instagram


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