Aespa’s Karina Goes Viral For Her Unreal Visuals In New York

Fans were stunned by her duality.

Aespa are always trending, even when they’re simply traveling, whether it’s for their kind personalities or stunning visuals.

Aespa at Sotheyby’s | @ujiminphoria/Twitter

So it’s no surprise that aespa kept going viral as the group traveled to the United States. Karina, in particular, caught fans’ attention with her unreal visuals as they went to Sotheby’s New York headquarters.

The idol looked gorgeous in a simple, yet stunning black dress.

Karina | @KARINAL00KS/Twitter

Fans were in love with how cute the dress was.

Although the unexpected back caught them off guard in the best possible way.

Karina’s duality is definitely undeniable.

And fans can’t get over how effortlessly gorgeous she is.

Even when simply walking, Karina makes anywhere her own “personal runway.”

You can read about how Red Velvet‘s Joy styled the same dress here.

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