A “Severely Edited” Photo Of aespa’s Karina Is Earning Criticism From Fans

Someone as beautiful as her needs no editing at all!

Ever since she first appeared in the K-Pop industry, aespa‘s Karina had fans awed by her doll-like beauty. With her delicate features and enviable proportions, she’s an idol that could easily pass for a model!

Karina (aespa)

Of course, with any beautiful woman in the K-Pop industry, Karina does get some pointless hate and criticism for her looks, though fortunately it seems to be only from a loud minority of people. Most people can see and appreciate what a beautiful person she is, along with being a talented K-Pop idol.

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As it turns out, though, some of Karina’s biggest “fans” can sometimes be her biggest (if unintentional) critics. Over-editing is a huge issue in K-Pop, especially these days, making it difficult to tell how a lot of idols actually look in real life. Whether the editing is done by the artist’s label or the fans, when it gets too extreme, the results can be jarring.

Recently, a heavily edited photo of Karina has been making the rounds online. The photo, taken by a fansite, has completely washed out Karina’s skin and made her proportions give her an almost alien-esque appearance.

The “severely edited” photo of Karina

In response to the photo, other images and gifs of the aespa member were shared on a forum post discussing the picture. They show her looking much more like her usual self (though given the nature of editing these days, there’s still probably some editing done).

It’s clear from images like these that Karina’s beauty needs no “fixing” or changing, and no one, let alone an apparent fan of the K-Pop idol, should be editing her so severely.


People have been leaving plenty of comments on the post criticizing the edited photo, with some of the reactions actually being pretty entertaining.

Hopefully such severe editing doesn’t continue to trend in the K-Pop industry, and fans will start being more accepting of how idols look without being airbrushed and warped into unrecognition!

Source: Pann Nate and Pann Choa