Aespa Karina’s Reveals The Reason Behind Her “Viral” Reaction At The End Of The 2023 “The Fact Music Awards”

ITZY’s Ryujin was also mentioned amidst the chaos!

On October 10, aespa attended the 2023 The Fact Music Awards. As expected, all the members looked beautiful.

The members of aespa at the TMAs | iMBC

Yet, member Karina is going viral, and while she usually gains attention for her visuals (which are stunning), the idol became a hot topic for a hilarious moment after the show ended.

aespa’s Karina | @katarinabluu/Instagran

At the event, not only did aespa win several awards, but they also gave an amazing performance. After the main show ended, the members gathered with the rest of the idols in attendance to take a group photo.

While the photo was cute, a moment went viral where Karina was suddenly surprised before it was taken.

In a clip shared online, Karina was getting ready for the group photo when suddenly, all the idols turned in her direction as the photographer wanted to take it from a different angle. After all the idols turned, attention was on her, and she couldn’t hide her shock.

After noticing the idols all change direction, Karina didn’t even wait as she rushed off without even telling her members, leaving them confused.

In particular, the screenshots from the video showing Karina’s panic showcased just how unexpected the moment was. The idol was so shocked by the sudden attention after the idols turned that she left her members without even a second thought.

When the video was posted on Twitter, netizens couldn’t get over Karina’s adorable reaction to all the artists suddenly facing her.

Yet, it seems like one more person being mentioned in the hilarious incident, and it’s ITZY‘s Ryujin.

ITZY’s Ryujin | @ITZYofficial//Instagram

During the show, netizens loved an adorable moment between ITZY and aespa.

When the clip came out, it seemed like the cute interactions between the members of aespa and ITZY were also a reason for the hilarious moment. A fan who had also seen the video asked if it was the reason for the members of aespa running toward Ryujin.

| aespa/Weverse

Ah, so that’s why during the TMA group photo aespa ran up to Ryujin! Cutie Karina

— OP

Karina replied, joking that the reason for her shocked look was that when she went up to Ryujin with the members, all the idols suddenly turned around, and she became the center of attention.

| aespa/Weverse

I went up to her quietly from behind while she was taking pictures with the members, but they all suddenly turned around so I was so shocked…

— Karina

It isn’t surprising that Karina was shocked by the sudden event, and the fact that the aespa idol felt she could go to Ryujin shows how close their friendship is, and that is why the two were next to each other in the group photo.

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Source: Weverse and theqoo