Aespa’s Karina Picks Her 2 Favorite TWICE Members

She couldn’t settle on just one member.

From international celebrities to fellow K-Pop idols, JYP Entertainment‘s iconic girl group TWICE is loved by many. So, a curious fan wondered if aespa‘s Karina had a soft spot for a particular member.


During a video call, a MY didn’t pass up the chance to ask Karina which TWICE member she liked the most.

Karina was initially stumped, unable to choose just one member out of nine. So she decided to pick two.

Karina chose two members of TWICE’s Japanese line. She told the fan, “I like Momo sunbae-nim. I like Sana sunbae-nim [too].

Out of all the talented members of TWICE, Karina has a soft spot for Sana and Momo.

Momo and Sana. | @momo/Instagram
Source: Twitter