A Beautiful University Student Is Gaining Attention For Her Uncanny Resemblance To aespa’s Karina

The student also showcased her talent at a university festival!

Since debuting in 2020, aespa‘s Karina has always gained attention from fans for her beautiful and effortless visuals!

Aespa’s Karina | @katarinabluu/Instagram
| @katarinabluu/Instagram

Although Karina’s visuals are beautiful, the idol also has amazing talent and shines whenever she performs on stage.


Well, it seems like a university student is gaining attention for her uncanny resemblance to the idol.

A video that was posted at the start of June has been gaining attention after it was released with the title, “Karina’s doppelganger appears?!” In the video from the Sungkyunkwan University Festival, some of the students performed in front of crowds.

During the video, after the performances from the dancers, the host chatted with some of the crowd watching. When one of them was asked to do a three-line poem, they did one about an “unnie” who resembles aespa’s Karina.

Considering the poem, the student who was said to look like Karina came out and seemed extremely shy as she made her way to the center of the stage.

The 22-year-old (Korean-age) student called Park Ji Hye announced that she was studying media, communications, and culture, also pointing out that the resemblance to Karina was something she had heard often.

Considering the student’s visuals, it wasn’t surprising that the crowds loved the interactions, especially when she joked that she would get a meal with the audience member along with her Instagram ID.

After speaking to the crowds, the video then highlighted the student again, proving she is even more like Karina as she showcased her amazing presence on stage during a performance where she was the center.


The video quickly amassed hundreds of thousands of views and was even picked up by Korean outlets. While the student continues her degree, it wouldn’t be surprising if she gets scouted as her dancing talent and visuals are truly special.

Source: Insight and 섭이네