Aespa’s Karina Proves Her Visuals Are Always Flawless, Even After Having Her Wisdom Tooth Removed

She’s not known as the ‘Human CG’ for nothing!

Aespa‘s Karina proved her visuals are always flawless no matter what, even after having her wisdom tooth removed.

Aespa’s Karina

Known as one of the iconic visual idols of her generation, Karina has practically made it a habit to go viral for her doll-like visuals.

In fact, netizens have pointed out that Karina often seems to look more like her AI character than a real-life person, as her beauty is just too unreal. It has gotten to the point where she has even gained a national title for her visuals; she is now officially considered the “Human CG”!

And as a recent social media update proves, Karina’s visuals are always unfailingly on point, even when they shouldn’t be. On August 3, Karina sent a message on Dear U. Bubble telling fans that she had decided to have her wisdom tooth extracted. It had been causing her pain, so the procedure had been carried out that day.

She then uploaded a video of the aftermath…and her visuals were as perfect as ever! There was some swelling on her right cheek but as fans pointed out, it only made her look more adorable.

| Dear U. Bubble via @aekaboo/Twitter

As a matter of fact, it also made fans appreciate her even more, as the fact that she was updating despite being in discomfort proves how much she loves MYs.

As aespa have some grueling schedules ahead of them in Japan, Karina will hopefully recover quickly so she doesn’t have to worry about participating in the group’s planned activities. Although, funnily enough, she doesn’t seem to be thinking too much about it!

We wish Karina a speedy recovery and good luck in her activities in Japan!