Aespa’s Karina And Winter Trained With Professional Stunt Men And Divers— Instead Of Using Stunt Doubles

They did all the acting without any stunt doubles!

In a newly released behind the scenes video for aespa‘s “SM Culture Universe,” the girls revealed just how much effort went into the film shooting for episode one of the series.

Winter | aespa/YouTube

The “SM Culture Universe,” as depicted by aespa, is a complex one that has each member playing a detailed role. Winter and Karina in particular played two exhaustive roles that required an admirable amount of physical effort. In the “SM Culture Universe” video, Winter is depicted playing an action-oriented VR game where she wasn’t afraid to get down and dirty to show off her movie-level acting and stunt skills.

In the behind the scenes, Winter can be seen repetitively practicing various rolls and movements with other stunt men until she got it perfect.

Karina on the other hand had a beautiful underwater scene in a pastel fairy-like dress.

It was revealed that Karina had spent hours on end practicing and training for this scene, even working with scuba divers to ensure the scene came out perfectly.

Karina was grateful for the chance to try scuba diving, and named the filming as one of the most memorable she’s had. Choosing to film these scenes themselves instead of using a stunt double can be dangerous if done incorrectly. It’s clear how seriously Winter and Karina take their work, and the amount of dedication they have is commendable!

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