Aespa’s Karina And Winter Showcase Their True Personalities As They React To Being Recognized By A Fan

They really didn’t see it coming!

Aespa‘s Karina and Winter are melting hearts as they showcase their true personalities upon meeting a fan in Sydney.

Aespa’s Karina | @aespa_official/Instagram
Aespa’s Winter | @aespa_official/Instagram

In November 2022, the members were reported to have made their way to Australia to film content, including a new music video. They arrived to a warm welcome in the country.

While it is still unclear what exactly they filmed there, the group has luckily now released a vlog of their stay in Sydney, and even just the first minutes are already filled with wholesome moments.

For one, NingNing and Giselle had an adorable argument over who was going to pay for their bubble teas, with each member insisting on paying themselves.

| aespa/YouTube

Giselle ended up winning!

Meanwhile, however, Karina and Winter went to a café to look for coffee. Once they had sat down, the two of them were chatting together (about a dog they saw on the street, of course) when they were suddenly approached by a fan.

Off-camera, the fan politely asked, “Karina?” The two members clearly weren’t expecting to be recognized, as they became immediately flustered.

| aespa/YouTube

They both kept wondering how the fan had recognized them, with Winter covering her mouth in surprise and Karina holding her hands together.

Fans couldn’t help but feel touched by their reaction…

…especially since it shows how truly humble the members are, despite their massive success.

Aespa may be one of the most talented groups of their generation, but fans can also be proud of the people they really are.

Watch the full clip right here!

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