Aespa’s Makeup Artist Reveals How Lee Soo Man Shows His Love For The Group

He wants the very best for them.

This week, aespa‘s makeup artist and visual advisor Kwon Sun Young of Joy187 salon sat down with Allure Korea on YouTube to reveal a little more about the group’s styling—and how SM Entertainment founder Lee Soo Man shows his love for aespa.

When Allure Korea asked whether it’s true that Lee Soo Man “especially adores aespa,” Kwon Sun Young confirmed that’s definitely the case. Aespa is the flagship group of Lee Soo Man’s new SM Culture Universe and artificial intelligence endeavor, so it’s no surprise they’re important to him.

Left to right: Aespa’s Ningning, Giselle, and Karina with Lee Soo Man | aespa/YouTube

Mr. Lee Soo Man really does love our aespa members.

— Kwon Sun Young

Kwon Sun Young went on to reveal the way Lee Soo Man shows that love. According to the makeup artist, the former CEO is so attentive to aespa, he personally checks all their styling for comebacks. “He’d give confirmation for all of aespa’s hair and makeup looks,” said Kwon with a laugh, “Even down to the angle of their bangs.”

Hairstylist Cheon Il (left) and makeup artist Kwon Sun Young (right) | Allure Korea/YouTube

It definitely seems that Lee Soo Man wants nothing less than perfection for aespa because Kwon explained that he monitors their shoots too. This may come as no surprise to long-term aespa fans as Lee even showed up during the “Behind The Scenes” footage from the “Forever” music video, where he was seen directing the members on how to pose.

| aespa/YouTube

Whenever he feels frustrated with something that’s happening during a shoot, the makeup artist says he’ll come running over and direct the stylists one by one.

Aespa’s Winter (center-right) | aespa/YouTube

And even when they’re off duty, Lee Soo Man is always checking that everything goes right for the rookie group. “He would also send me long text messages,” Kwon revealed, “even at midnight.” But while many staff may feel intimidated knowing they have to answer to Lee for any mistakes, Joy187 hairstylist Cheon Il said, “I feel respectful of him.”

| Allure Korea/YouTube
Source: Allure Korea