aespa Took A Long Time To Perfect The Choreography For “Savage”—Here’s Why

The choreography for “Savage” took much longer to perfect than their other choreographies, and WInter explained why!

Aespa recently came back with their first mini-album Savage, and an accompanying title track of the same name, stunning everyone with their concept and breaking tons of records as a top-tier rookie girl group!

aespa | SM Entertainment

From “Black Mamba”…

…to “Next Level”….

…and now to “Savage”, the group has shown their ability to absolutely own some incredibly difficult choreographies, and they kill it everytime!

In a recent interview with Sakshma Srivastav of E Now, the members sat down to talk about their latest comeback, “Savage”, and more!

One of the topics that they discussed was the level of difficulty all their choreographies had, and Winter shared how they all picked up the tough routines pretty quickly like the pros they are! They all, however, struggled a bit with “Savage” as they tried to get the dance steps and vibe just right.

In general, I think we are all pretty fast at learning choreographies. But I’d have to say the choreography for “Savage” is a little more difficult, so it took us more time to become comfortable with it compared to previous choreographies.

Also, because it is important to bring out that ‘savage’ vibe into the choreography, we paid particular attention to bringing out that vibe in our dance moves.


She then said that it took them around 3 months to perfect the choreography for “Savage”!

It took us about 2-3 months to perfect the choreography for “Savage”.


And all that hard work paid off! The members not only killed it with their visuals during the “Savage” era, but also showcased their top-tier talent to fans everywhere!

Watch them talk about it here!