Aespa Fans Throw Two LGBTQ+ Flags On Stage—Ningning’s Reaction Makes Them Soft

Here’s what happened.

The members of aespa continue to make MYs, their fanclub, proud! The SM Entertainment girl group recently visited Sao Paulo, Brazil, for their Synk: Hyperline concert.

Aespa | @aespa_official/Instagram

Here, they amazed fans with their energetic dancing, top-tier visuals, and of course, their sweet personalities.

| @aespa_official/Instagram

As an example of the latter, Ningning made fans soft when she had the best reaction to a fan throwing a pride flag on stage. Rather than ignoring it, she readily picked it up and showed it to the crowd.

Ningning | @ningningskr/Twitter

Instead of holding it for just a second, she flew around the stage with the biggest smile. Fans noticed that she looked “so happy” with it.

She even danced around the stage with the flag, holding on to it for a significant period of time.

The pride flag is characterized by its rainbow colors and represents the entire LGBTQ+ community. It wasn’t the only one she showed off on stage during the Brazil concert either. The red and pink toned lesbian flag, specific to homosexual women, also had its time to shine with Ningning.

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The vocalist picked up the lesbian flag enthusiastically when it was dropped on stage. Without any hesitation, she posed with it while raising her arm with pride.

Fans, of course, couldn’t help but be soft at this unashamed showcase of support for the LGBTQ+ community. They commented that their love for Ningning grew because of this courageous act.

Her actions—which were uncommon for a K-Pop idol with considerable influence with the general public—made them soft.

They were doubly amazed that she did not hold back in showing her full love for the community.

One thing is certain: Ningning made many MYs proud that night!