Aespa’s AI Nævis Looks Just Like A Popular Boy Group Idol, Say K-Netizens

Once you see it, you can’t unsee it.

Does aespa‘s AI character Nævis look familiar to you? It could be because of her strong resemblance to this boy group idol…

With the release of their latest hit single, “Savage,” aespa gave us another deep dive into their AI-focused lore. Alongside dancing on stage with their computer-generated æ-aespa counterparts…

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… and coming face-to-face with the titular “Black Mamba” villain from their debut title track…

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… the aespa members also greeted another familiar face in the “Savage” music video: Nævis.

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Also known as NAVIS, this character is described as an artificial intelligence system that helps aespa and their avatars coexist together. Previously shown in the “Next Level” music video, Nævis has been attracting attention for months now because of her highly detailed character design, which many say looks even more impressive than the æ-aespa avatars.

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But now, she’s attracting attention over her looks for a different reason: her resemblance to a boy group idol. If you think Nævis looks familiar, perhaps it’s because she reminds you of…

Joshua from SEVENTEEN! Over the past few days, posts comparing the boy group star with Nævis on popular Korean communities Pann and TheQoo have reached tens of thousands of views. If you’re not convinced by the resemblance, just look at them side-by-side.

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Both Nævis and Joshua have bright, wide eyes with aegyo sal, small and defined noses, and perfectly-formed lips. They even share similar skin tones, though some marked differences include different brows, ear heights, and hairstyles.

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Whether you agree that they lookalike or not, there’s no denying that Joshua is so handsome, he looks like he could’ve been sculpted by a CG artist.

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time one of the characters from aespa’s concept has been compared to another star. When the group debuted, many thought æ-Ningning was inspired by BLACKPINK‘s Lisa.

Here’s Why Some Fans Think aespa Ningning’s AI Avatar Was Inspired By BLACKPINK’s Lisa

Source: Pann and TheQoo