“Girl Who Did This To U” — Netizens React To aespa’s New Hairstyles

“It looks BURNT.”

We’re just a week away from the release of aespa‘s upcoming album, Drama, and the excitement for new music from the girl group is growing! Set to come out on November 10, anticipation for the album is getting strong due to the unique and captivating teasers that they’ve been releasing in the days leading up to their comeback.

The girls also recently appeared in public with new hairstyles, which always gets fans even more excited for a comeback, especially if they try out something unique!

While Karina and NingNing went for classic long black hair this time around, it’s Giselle and Winter who are getting the most attention online due to their new ‘dos.

Giselle (aespa)

Giselle was styled with a splashlight highlight — accenting her dark hair with a blonde stripe — while Winter returned to her beloved ginger-colored locks.


For the most part, people are enjoying the unconventional style of Giselle’s hair…

And many people are saying that Winter might as well have been born with orange hair for how well it suits her!

On a forum post about the new hairstyles, opinions are a little more mixed (especially towards Giselle’s style), but they’re still generally positive.

Make sure not to miss aespa’s comeback on November 10!

Source: Instiz and Pann Choa