Aespa’s “Next Level” Was Heard By Fans In The Most Unexpected Place

It fits the show perfectly!

Hearing K-Pop in an unexpected place, such as when you’re out somewhere in public or watching a commercial, is always a fun and surprising experience. Though the music genre has become more popular internationally over the last several years, it’s still far from mainstream in most places.

Recently, K-Pop fans discovered aespa‘s “Next Level” playing in an unexpected place, and you can check it out yourself too!

aespa | SM Entertainment

Netflix recently released a series based on the Resident Evil franchise, which is a horror game series that involves shooting zombies and other monstrous creatures to survive. The show has received mixed reviews from viewers, some of which have been fairly critical.

In the fourth episode of the show, however, the K-Pop song in question can be heard playing in the background quite clearly!

A post on Reddit from u/Friendisaster shared their surprise at the inclusion of K-Pop in the series, and many of the comments agreed with their sentiment.

they played next level by aespa in the new netflix resident evil show from kpopthoughts

aespa | SM Entertainment

Fans also had a lot of reactions on social media to the unexpected aespa cameo!

It will be interesting to see how many K-Pop fans check out Resident Evil just because of aespa’s music’s appearance!

Source: Reddit