Sonic Korea Mastering Studio’s Chief Engineer Accidentally Reveals aespa’s Possible Next Song Title

Is an aespa comeback on the way?

Sonic Korea Mastering Studio‘s chief engineer Cheon Hoon recently posted an Instagram post that has aespa fans excited.

As seen above, the post says “aespa new single ‘forever’ #aespa #forever”. He has since deleted the post which made fans even more curious as it suggests that he probably put it out by mistake.

Eagle-eyed fans realized that the song could possibly be the song “Forever” which is a currently unreleased track for SMTOWN‘s STATION X 4 LOVEs for Winter. As “Coming Home” was released by NCT U, “This is Your Day” by various SM Entertainment artists, and “White Winter” by Super Junior‘s Heechul and Lee Soo Geun (under Woojoo jjokkomi), leaving “Forever” open.

Mastering is a term that generally describes the process a song or album goes through to prepare it for distribution like tweaking the mixing. Essentially, putting on the final touches. Could this mean an aespa comeback is on its way?