aespa’s Ningning Gets Terrorized By Haters Writing False Information On Her Namu Wiki Page

It has since been edited.

A Namu Wiki page is basically like South Korea’s version of Wikipedia – fans often use it to update every single detail about their idol, even linking various TMI trivia and videos on the page. You can find out all sorts of previously publicized information including the idol’s schools, and hometowns. However, it seems that aespa‘s Ningning has been targeted by haters who use her Namu Wiki page to attack her.

These haters have changed various information on her profile to reflect falsehoods and insults.

| theqoo
  • “Birthplace: Pyongyang”
  • “Nationality: North Korea”
  • “Stats: 100cm, 99999999999999999999999 kg, Blood type B”
  • “Family relations: parents passed away”
  • “Education: The best in Pyongyang”
  • “Debut: In 2020 with Wow, A Criminal‘s Digital Single <Big Potato>”
  • “Label: Pyongyang Naengmyun Entertainment”
  • “Group: aespa”
  • “Position: Fat pig”
  • “Emblem: Hey pig, oink oink”
  • “Nicknames: Armpit fat, kitty, baby kitten, Ningie”
| theqoo

Thankfully, netizens are not standing for the hate.

  • “Why are they like this?”
  • “They’re crazy f*ckers. You’ll be hit by karma later.”
  • “Crazy, what is this”
  • “They’re sick”
  • “Heol… why are they like this”
  • “Wow they’re crazy”
  • “Heol crazy”
  • “Are they elementary schoolers? When I was an elementary school kid I believed the rumors about BoA‘s so-called voice recording that cursed out Shinhwa. But it was probably a lie. But why are they taking it this far?”

The users who edited the page also can be tracked, not allowing anyone to get away with it.

| theqoo

Netizens have been calling for Namu Wiki to change its regulations to not allow just anyone on the internet to add to the page. The page has since been changed back to reflect accurate information.

Source: theqoo